Conversations with a seeker and secular humanist

“Does God belong in the discussion about social justice?”…  “Is there a connection between God and sex?”…”Does God play favorites?”

These are the questions that we have been asking to find out what UCSD students think about God and relevant issues.  We set up a chalkboard with one of the questions each week in the most trafficked area on campus and asked students to “vote” and give us their thoughts.  The first day, I (Anna) had a conversation with a student who was so open and wanting to learn about Jesus that I had a bible study with her right on the spot!  About a half hour later, I ended up having a conversation with the editor-in-chief of “the Koala,” the most controversial student newspaper on campus.  He self-identified as a secular humanist (a type of atheism) and instead of debating with him, which would’ve just been unfruitful, I just asked him questions to listen where he was coming from.  We’ve been having conversations with many atheists and though it has been really hard to change their minds about God, we just hope that we can at least change their minds about Christians and that we are not just people trying to shove the Bible down people’s throats, but that we are people willing to listen.  The amazing thing is that the student I talked to who wanted to learn about Jesus agreed to meet up with me again later that week AND she came to visit our church that Sunday!  I asked her where she was at in her spiritual journey and she said that she is like a sponge right now, wanting to just soak everything in about God.  I’m going to be meeting with her again to look at Jesus’ life together so please be praying for her!  The Lord is definitely pursuing his children!


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