Resurrection power

I (Alan) can’t believe that the Spring season is upon us. I am reminded that this season is when Christians are filled with anticipation to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord. I am often in awe by the way in which Christ entered our world but at the same time I am even more surprised and humbled by Jesus’ resurrection. At Mesa InterVarsity we long for God’s resurrection power in students’ lives. Many students on campus struggle with addictions and self-worth, this week a student confessed his temptation fat me saying, “Thanks brother.” There are few times where I realize the power that is behind prayer and our lives as Christians. This does not mean our aim is Christ’s power, rather it is because of his power that we are brought under his authority. Christ brings authority on campus and in our personal lives. The Holy Spirit is alive and active on campus. I have come to believe that it is the Holy Spirit who truly brings people to our events on campus. In John 11, when Lazarus died there were many that did not have enough faith to believe that Jesus could do anything. I have often felt what Martha felt when she said, “Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.” Then Jesus blows me away by raising Lazarus/my broken faith to life. God gains the glory for himself and his own name. I think about the Lazarus moments in my life; our fundraising, our students, our future, our money and I realize I need to lay them down before Jesus. In San Diego we have not been able to bring on a new staff worker for Mesa because of the large need across the division, Patrick Zaccaria is our first staff hire for Mesa College in 6 years! What I am excited about is the personal development and leadership DNA that I can now pass on and the new leadership dimension that this requires of me. I know that for Anna and I we need to trust in faith that God will move in our ministries. Thanks for continuing this journey with us.


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