Armi’s Story


Armi (a SDSU freshman pictured left with staff worker, Jenn) shared her testimony in front of 100 SDSU InterVarsity students in November.  Read her story below!

“Hi everyone, my name is Armi and I am a freshmen here at SDSU. I first heard about InterVarsity during club rush here at State. I was handed this flyer which I am so grateful for today. When I first received it, I thought to myself, “Hey, maybe I should try this out…”

I was a shy freshmen who just wanted to be a part of something where I would feel included and not be so homesick. I remember the first event I attended was flag football. I had so much fun meeting new people and getting to tackle others so I decided to attend the bonfire that week as well. It was the bonfire was where I witnessed this whole new world. I saw people hanging out and making marshmallows, I saw others playing ultimate Frisbee but the one thing that really caught my attention, was this group who was singing songs about Jesus. It was something completely new to me, something surreal. I had never seen people worship God outside of church. I joined their group and just listened in. They were so welcoming and encouraged me to come check out the hub, no strings attached. Everyone was so kind that the decision was not a hard one to make.

I explored this club with my friend Itzel or Zelda as some of you may know her. She was raised a Christian and had such great enthusiasm for InterVarsity that I feel some of her excitement rubbed off on me. I went to the Hub about two or three times and I liked it. It was different from anything I had experienced before, in a good way. Everyone was upbeat, they sang their hearts out and the talks were just amazing. But after sometime, I began to think…. I’m not Christian…. I shouldn’t be here… I won’t be welcomed when I tell them….What if they get made because I lied…?” I tried to keep it to myself and avoid the topic but soon Itzel noticed I was acting different when I went the hub. That’s when I told her, “Hey I don’t think they will want me here when they find out I’m not Christian.” She immediately responded, “They won’t care, everyone is really nice, and they are here to help you.” I can also recall Jenn saying one night when I brought the subject up that intervarsity was “a safe place to explore faith at your own pace.” So I began to share my religious background. I wasn’t raised under any religion. I personally believe in God and pray because that’s what my mother does. She instilled that belief of God in my life but we never went to church as a family or studied the bible. So I thought that was it. You just pray and believe. But coming to SDSU, I saw that there was more to it.

Being a part of InterVarsity has really opened up my eyes to a whole new world, a world with Jesus. Going to bible study with my Zura peeps and bible study leader Logan, has made me a happier person and one who sees things in a different way now. Learning every week how God is so compassionate, loving and caring through the different stories in the bible makes me want to come back week after week to find more about this guy who I had been praying to yet didn’t really know much about. It’s amazing that in just a few weeks of being here at state and being a part of intervarsity I find myself talking about God and inviting my floor mate and friends to come to the hub. I want to share all that I have learned these past weeks with them so that they can experience Jesus as well. I’m so excited to attend Soul Food Fall Conference and see what awaits there because it has truly been a great experience to this day and I feel that it only gets better from here.”


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